PlumRus is simultaneously about creating a safe, happy, homely environment and a new lifestyle.

We are focussed on encouraging our elderly community to appreciate and seize every day as a gift.

Our Vision for 2016

To create a safe, happy, homely atmosphere and environment, with abundant friends in which residents and staff can participate in the decision making, upkeep and management of the home and to utilize the infrastructure and facilities of PlumRus as the hub for older persons in the community.  

Our Annual and Monthly programs are full of fun and stimulating activities not only to keep our residents busy but to give them the best time of their lives.

This year our vision is:

PlumRus - Negative never ever. Not at PlumRus. We will exceed your expectations.

It is about residents and staff being and feeling positive. To always give service with a smile and to exceed every resident and family members expectations. This engenders a positivity and appreciation for life and enables us to give each resident the best time of their life.

We aim to

  • serve our residents with a smile and go the extra mile,
  • ensure our residents are having the best time of their life and
  • for our residents to enjoy the activities created by the Board and the Management Team.

Core elements for a brand new elderly lifestyle

  • Comfortable, elegant accommodation with beautiful gardens
  • Nutritious, tasty food
  • Friendly, helpful staff members
  • Happy residents with a positive outlook
  • Stimulating, enjoyable activities

We discourage negative dispositions and elements that bring others down. By doing this, we have been successful in creating a happy, positive environment in which friendships are forged. Residents encourage and support one another, creating a unique and optimistic scene.