What Makes PlumRus Residential Home for the Elderly Different?

PlumRus stands apart for a number of reasons; not least of all our commitment to making the golden years of our residents’ lives genuinely enjoyable and special. We aim to give you the Best Time of Your Life. We are not a hospital, doctor or hotel but a home for elderly people where they can feel happy, at home and safe.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is a popular spot for the residents to get tasty treats and to meet with one another to catch up.

For those that cannot get to the coffee shop in the Protea Lounge, there is also a tuck-trolley that makes the rounds and supplies cakes, sandwiches, coffees, baked goods, cold drinks and plenty more.

Spiritual Wellness

Right in the centre of the PlumRus heart is the spiritual aspect, as this is often the driving force behind the residents’ positive outlook. PlumRus is a joint ministry of the Dutch Reformed Church and United Reformed Churches, and is part of BADISA.

We promote the spiritual wellness of our family with a varied programme that is based on Christian doctrines. Various services, prayer groups and study groups are conducted for the residents.

Service Centre

The Service Centre is PlumRus way of reaching out to the local community.

It includes services like

Fun Activities

The fun activities at PlumRus keep residents stimulated and occupied. These have been designed to include every resident, regardless of their physical or mental condition.

Monthly programmes include a

  • bring-and-braai on the last Friday of every month,
  • a Lotto Draw on the last Thursday of every month and
  • a day outing.

Weekly activities comprise

  • stimulation activities,
  • special tea times,
  • movies on Monday and Saturday afternoons and
  • shopping outings.

Friends and family members are welcome to join the residents for these activities.

Special Events

Special events are also scheduled to take place throughout the year with the purpose of raising funds for PlumRus and improving the lives of the local community, while creating a great vibe for the residents and their families.


The residential services consist of rental units (bachelor, one-bedroom, or lodge rooms), as well as life rights units (these involve lending a set amount to GHBM, which is then refunded when you move or pass away).

Services comprise of

  • daily lunch,
  • weekly cleaning and laundry and
  • nursing assistance around the clock.

Assisted Living

The assisted living, frail care and Dementia services are designed for residents that need more personal attention. 

These include

  • three meals a day,
  • daily laundry and room cleaning,
  • a night trolley (late night tea and coffee),
  • basic care and
  • personal care.

There are single rooms, spacious single rooms and shared rooms available for this option.