We offer a 24-Hour Health Care Service to our residents. Our service includes all basic care needed to maintain a level of excellence with the understanding that we are not a hospital, pharmacy, hotel or doctor.

Below please find a summary of our basic health care service offered here at PlumRus.

Personal Hygiene

  • Full wash or shower daily
  • Hair wash and dry or we take resident to hairdresser as required
  • Mouth Care – Teeth, dentures or full mouth care
  • Nails – Cut as needed or get in a professional if necessary
  • Clean Clothes – Laundry weekly or daily as needed
  • Clean Environment – Room cleaned daily
  • Toilet/Commode/Nappy control

Medication Control

  • We control all medication both prescribed and over the counter
  • Everything that you take must be authorised by a doctor
  • We will make sure that medication is given on time
  • Medication is prepacked from a script into blister packs


  • Three nutritious meals a day
  • Early morning coffee and rusks
  • Tea and biscuits at 10h00 and 15h00
  • Late night Milo/Coffee and snack
  • Juice with breakfast and lunch


  • All Activities are free
  • Activities vary according to the needs of the residents
  • Activities are many and varied from ball games, musical memories, movies etc.

Safety and Security is a huge concern in our world today. Be assured that we are serious about the safety and security of our complex, our residents and their possessions.


The security of our residents falls within our Access Management Service and includes:

  • 24/7 access control to premises
  • 1 entry point at risk management 24/7
  • Random security patrols during the night and day
  • Recording of all vehicles and visitors


We take the safety of our residents very seriously and have various Risk Management regulations in place.

  • 24/7 switchboard operation
  • 24/7 camera monitor
  • Fire detector monitor
  • Health and safety initiatives
  • 24/7 emergency response button
  • Electronic payments

The amenities provided at PlumRus make the day-to-day living convenient and comfortable. If you feel that there is anything we can add to make this a more homely environment, please feel free to contact us.


Laundry is done weekly. Frail care laundry is done daily as the need arises.


Hairdressing Salon is available Monday to Saturday.

Restaurant/Coffee Shop

The coffee shop at PlumRus offers sweets, cool drinks, biscuits and other goodies on a daily basis.


PlumRus has its own library for the convenience of all residents.

Clothing Shop

A 2nd-hand clothing shop supplies good quality used clothing.

Other Amenities

  • 3 Foyers
  • 5 Lounges
  • 200 seat hall for big events
  • Courtyard for a 1000 people

Our residents are able to get out and about. They are not stuck in one place and reliant on their own transport. 

Trips and Outings

Our Transport Service is comfortable, reliable and safe. We offer the following transport:

  • Shopping: a trip on Tuesdays and a trip on Thursday to Meadowridge, Blue Route Mall, Checkers, Pick & Pay and Constantia Village
  • Trips to churches
  • Trips to hospitals
  • Trips to doctors/dentists
  • Trips for outings
  • All other reasonable requests by the residents, including emergencies

Our financial department looks after all monies received.

Management of residents’ money

  • Safe and easy method of giving pocket money to a parent/friend/family member
  • Money can be drawn from Monday to Friday between 09h00 and 11h00

Credit card machine

  • For your convenience, we have card machines that accept all basic cards