Caring for the elderly

A financial contribution to PlumRus means so much more to these residents and their neighbours than the actual costs involved.

Why contribute?

  • It means a better quality of life for those who have formed part of the local culture and heritage, who want to watch their grandchildren grow and to carry their stories on from one generation to the next.
  • It means restoring hope in the South Africa of today and its commitment to honouring those that have shaped the community.

How are the funds used?

The funds will be used for the residents of PlumRus, but also to assist the 25 000 underprivileged elderly folk of the local community, who are unable to afford a formal care facility. This gives them the opportunity to experience the care and dignity of being looked after in the final chapter of their lives; a hope each of us holds dear.

Please contact us if you and your company want to be part of this innovative approach to caring for the elderly.

Growing old is an opportunity that not all have the privilege of enjoying. Be a part of making this time a special and happy one when you contribute to our important initiative.

Don't throw it away!

Seasons change and trends expire, especially in a place as dynamic as Cape Town, and as a result a lot of clothing and household items go unwanted and ignored, but instead of throwing it out with the trash, why not turn them into treasure?

By donating any unwanted goods to PlumRus you are enabling us to give our residents a better quality of life.

Please contact Marlene at (021) 761 2323 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help by donating.

Dream BIG!

Help us achieve our dreams.


Flat Roof waterproofing and painting R200 000
Parking bays under shade R143 185
Under Cover walk way Staff R 36 867
Cameras upgrade all public areas R151 660
Wood benches for garden R 50 000
DSTV Communal Antenna old building R 31 340
Old flats upgrade cupboards & shower R750 000
Blinds block-out Health Care Windows R 60 000
Borehole R 48 500
Expanding of PA System for Health Care R 24 000
Upgrade of two bathrooms Zone 5 R 35 000
Irrigation System old flats & health care R 34 850
Fire Detection System Annex R 60 015
Fire Detection System Old Flats R198 000
Upgrade of Zone 5 Balcony R 38 900